One Child, Twelve Kid Experts

As a mom and co-founder of Curated Care, I couldn’t wait to book Kid Experts for my own little one, Keira. My adorable, chubby baby was just 3 months old when she had her first session with one of our Kid Experts. Of course, I wanted Keira to have new and engaging experiences, but more than anything, mama had to get back to work.

Like most babies, Keira was hesitant around new faces (this child gave both her grandmothers the business, wailing for a solid 2 hours when they each attempted to babysit), leery of new experiences (she was quite fond of playing with the tag on her stuffed moose and not much else), and loathe to suffer changes to her routine (dinner, bath, and bed times occur with military precision at our house).

Now, five months later, I’m proud to say that Keira has been introduced to a steady stream of Kid Experts — 12 in all. She spends her afternoons with Broadway singers, professional dancers, Montessori teachers, and pre-med students. No longer prone to screaming when new people enter our home, she is now eager to get to know her new friends. She’s excited to have new experiences and explore new materials and activities. She’s no longer bound to a rigid schedule and handles changes to her daily routine with ease and grace.

Now, I have my routine — and Keira has hers. She is just as busy as I am, as well as happy and confident. At just 8 months old, she’s pretty much the coolest person I know. I’d like to take credit, but I’m pretty sure the credit is due to my swat team of Kid Experts.

Curated Care has given both Keira and I the same thing: a sense of independence and the opportunity for new adventures.