Beat the back-to-school anxiety!

Back-to-school time is here and mamas & dadas are rejoicing (and lamenting) big changes to come. Even for your teeniest mini, big things await at the start of a new school year. Though they seem small, your kiddo can handle these big changes with grace and prowess – the question is, can you? The answer is, yes — of course you can. Just keep in mind a few tried and true tips to ensure that both you and your little one enter into first-time drop off successfully.

Start the positive vibe campaign now. Get yourself and your kiddo excited and in the right frame of mind by talking about school, new friends, and your new routine. Practice big smiles and good feelings as you chat about new things to come at bedtime or over breakfast. It will help your little one associate and recall these positive feelings when starting school, and it will help you get used to feeling excited about first-time drop off (versus searching for a tissue).

Take care of the tiny details so you can be 100% present when school starts. Write a checklist of everything you need to get ready (pack extra clothes, get together diapers and socks for your mini, use a sharpie to put initials on labels, make sure the school has the info and photo ID of anyone helping with pick up, etc.) and knock these things out early. These little tasks can cause stress at an already emotional time. Take care of them in advance so you can focus on being fully present during the drop off experience.

Knowledge is power. Know that your little one may cry. Also, know that they may not cry. Know that they may not cry until a week in, and know that they may cry when you pick them up each day as it’s such an emotional release. Know that there are so many variations on what normally happens and all of it is okay! This experience is one that is so awesome and important for you and your kiddo. Relish in the emotions because soon they’ll be heading to school with a quick, confident, “grown-up” wave goodbye and you’ll long (just a tiny bit) for a big, fat, emotional drop off before school.

Happy September and here’s to an awesome school year!