curated care summer tutor

Meet Summer Tutor, Danielle C

Danielle has experience teaching and tutoring in Math, English, Science, and French! She’s an enthusiastic, warm, and friendly educator who has also spent most of her life in theater (both of her parents are actors!). She combines her background in theater and academic tutoring to create fun and engaging tutoring sessions for young children that (secretly) get them excited about learning! Read more about Danielle in our interview below.


Hi Danielle! Where are you from and what brought you to NYC?

Hi! I was born in Hell’s Kitchen and lived in the heart of NYC until I was 8, at which point my family moved to the suburbs of Los Angeles. I lived in California through high school, went to the University of Michigan for college (Go Blue!), and then moved back to NYC after graduating so that I could pursue theatre.


What is your experience with kids? Can you share a story?

I love kids! I have worked with them in a variety of capacities, from theatre to academics to babysitting. It’s hard to pick out just one story, but I will say one of my most memorable teaching moments with young kids was one of the first times I taught a lesson about atoms. I had done some activities centered around how small atoms are, and had had the kids play a game to physicalize the different parts of the atom. It was the end of class, and they were coloring in pictures of atoms, and I mentioned again that everything they had ever seen was made of atoms. The kids started naming different objects and people, and asking if they, too, were made of atoms; the more times I said “yes,” the more excited they got. Watching this big, scientific concept click for a group of 5-year-olds was very rewarding!


How long have you worked as a tutor? What topics do you cover?

I unofficially started tutoring in middle school when my best friend was struggling in our algebra class, and started tutoring professionally in high school. I generally tutor high school and elementary Math and English, but have also tutored Science and French. In addition to one-on-one tutoring, I have also taught Science and Math to children ages 3 and up at various schools throughout NYC, including The Montessori Schools and First Presbyterian Church Nursery School.


What does a typical tutoring session look like?

During the school year, I like to work through homework and other materials given by the student’s teacher(s), as so much of academic success is about understanding things in the way that the teacher presents them. I’m happy to be a little more flexible though, and think that it’s important to cater the tutoring session to the needs and goals of the child. I also think it’s important to keep things as fun, encouraging, and engaging as possible, and have in the past used a dance to teach long division, an extended story about Cinderella needing the right shoes to teach common denominators, and candy to teach advanced addition!


What do you think is the benefit in hiring a Kid Expert on Curated Care?

Kid Experts are passionate, educated, and committed to providing a high-quality experience. They also tend to be experts in their own fields, so it is always exciting to watch the passion, knowledge, and creativity that they integrate into each session.


What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I’m excited for outdoor movies, Central Park picnics, Coney Island adventures, and general summer fun (though I will have to make sure I’ve got plenty of sunscreen for all these outdoor activities!)!