10 Unicorn Crafts on Pinterest That We Love

What’s the biggest craze among 5 year olds? Unicorns!!! You can’t miss them. They’re everywhere–in stores (on shoes/ shirts/ headbands), on TV shows (My Little Pony), at birthday parties (as cookies/donuts/pinatas)! We rounded up 10 of our favorite unicorn activities to do with kiddos. Check them out below for some unicorn #inspo and arts and crafts ideas.

1. Watercolor Print: A simple activity that requires white paper, watercolors, and pastel yarn. Start with a template of a unicorn head, apply the watercolors, and punch holes along the neck to string colorful yarn and create the unicorn’s mane. Get the full, step-by-step recipe via Rowdy Rascal Kids.

2. Unicorn Sparkle Wand: There are many ways to make unicorn wands but our fave include a glittery, gold star, bright, fluorescent ribbon, and a wood dowel. The ultimate sparkle craft! (Quick tip: You can substitute the dowel for a straw). (via Just a Little Sparkle)

3. Paper Plate UnicornThese unicorn paper plates are adorable and simple to make. You’ll need a few materials: paper plates, cardstock, craft flowers, marabou feathers and gold paper. Assembly is easy and you should have enough materials leftover to repeat this project several times. Get the full recipe via Kids Craft Room.

4. Unicorn Paper Tube Art: Cover a craft tube with white or bright cardstock. Cut out matching ears and a gold horn. Using rainbow yarn, create a ring of yarn around your fingers then snip both ends to create rainbow-colored hair and mane. You’ll need pink paint and a black marker to finish off the project. Read the how-to steps at Meraki Mother.

5. Unicorn Bookmark: These bookmarks are cut out in a shape of a unicorn and feature a tassle-like tail. All you need is cardstock for the cut-out and yarn for the tassle (plus a good unicorn template and some cutting skills). (via Happy Go Lucky)

6. Unicorn Fringe Hat: How fun are these?!? We did not find directions on how to make these online but we’re sure you can recreate them with a gold party hat and pastel-colored tissue paper. Cut strips into the tissue paper to create fringe. Layer 2 or 3 strips of fringe together to get more volume then adhere to party hat. (via Good Girls Company)

7. Unicorn Mask: Kiddos love masks – combine masks and unicorns and you have a hit! This activity is simple and takes only a few materials (white cardstock, elastic cording, coloring pencils or crayons). You can print out the mask via It’s Always Autumn.

8. Unicorn Fudge: Calling all bakers! Here is a fun recipe that transforms white chocolate fudge into “Unicorn Fudge.” The key ingredients are purple food coloring and bright, colorful sprinkles. This fudge looks so yummy too! Check out the full recipe via Sprinkles for Breakfast.

9. Unicorn Slime: Kids LOVE slime and nothing beats unicorn slime! You’ll need clear glue, food dye, glitter, baking soda and contact solution. (You can also purchase pink, blue and purple glitter glue and skip the food color). Create three slimes in three different colors. Roll them out into snakes and place each one side by side. Roll the three slimes together to create Unicorn Slime! See recipe via My Frugal Adventures.

10. Pin the Horn on the Unicorn: This is a fun game for kiddos. Using white foam board or white paper, draw a unicorn head or the full body. Cut out a few unicorn horns and stick a bit of tape on the back. Then, blindfold kiddos and have them “pin” the horn on the unicorn for a fun unicorn game. For older kiddos, spin them around a few times before they try to pin the horn. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


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Bonus: Here is an adorable unicorn print out to get started.