Get your booking requests filled!


Take a peek and see what your fellow fams do to ensure they get their booking requests get filled quickly and consistently. It’s time to reclaim your date night in just a few clicks.


A complete profile
The majority of families have completed their profiles, with photos, family bios, kiddo information, and pet information. Kid Experts feel more secure and safe connecting when they can get to know your family.

Book 3-7 days out from your request
While it’s possible to find someone super last minute or someone for a date further in the future, bookings input 3-7 days from the date have a better shot at being accepted.

Include a message in your booking
Without a message, Kid Experts can be unsure of what you are looking for. A quick message feels more personable and is always helpful.

Length of booking
Every circumstance is different, but Kid Experts tend to prioritize bookings that are 3+ hours to merit travel and committing to the booking.

Extend your request to a big, awesome team
Families whose bookings get accepted most frequently send their request to 10+ Kid Experts to increase the odds that they connect with someone great and available.