A completed family profile makes all the difference


Safety and security are just as important to Kid Experts as they are to Families.

A completed profile makes all the difference in making Kid Experts feel safe & secure to connect with you. It also helps them get excited and inspired to customize your session.


When Kid Experts receive a booking request or a message, or if you are added to their “My Families” list when you add them to your “Team” of Kid Experts, your profile snippet displays like this

when it is incomplete, it looks like this:

When a Kid Expert clicks through a booking request or a message, they are inspired to accept your booking when they can learn a bit more about your crew.

Here’s one of our fave fams, Molly K, and sneak peek at her profile for reference

On the flip side, without a completed profile, this is all Kid Experts will see when deciding upon whether to accept a booking or respond to a message:

“As a Kid Expert, I never feel comfortable confirming a booking with a family who hasn’t created their profile. With a full profile I get a sense of the family and how they work, the parents I’m going to be interacting with and if the kids and I will vibe. It always helps to see a picture of the awesome kiddos you’re going to work with!”
– Tracy M.
“I get a better sense of what the children and parents want from the session and it makes the prep a lot more fun. And seeing their personalities through their profile helps me get to know them more and puts me at ease before a first session.”
– Joel O.
Everyone is different and everyone’s comfort level is different. Find the right fit for your family. About 75% of our community of families have completed their profile, but a handful hasn’t. If you’re comfortable sharing a bit of info, definitely do it! It can make all the difference in finding the right Kid Experts for your family.