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Online Tutoring for Spanish, Reading, Math & More

Curated Care provides a library of fantastic tutors and teachers available to connect with your kiddos for 30-minutes to 60-minutes of online tutoring.

See what awesome online tutors are available below. Click the link to their profiles to see more, send them a message over the site to chat in more detail and book your sessions! 

Talia F – Spanish

“I am constantly inspired by children’s endless energy and creativity, and the heart open way in which they look at the world. I strive to encourage children’s sense of curiosity and wonder and be someone who they can count on for support, kindness and play.”


Talia had completed over 20 Spanish tutoring sessions over the last two weeks. See why so many families book Talia daily for 30-minutes of online tutoring.

Federico M – Spanish

“I love working with kids because they are eager to learn and they fully express their creativity. I like to encourage them to find what their passion is, because sometimes their creativity gets shut down as they grow up and they forget what makes them happy. I learn a lot from their sincerity and assertiveness. It’s important to treat children as equals.”


Federico is a native Spanish speaker who tutors students in intermediate and advanced Spanish.

Ana Maria L – Spanish & French

“I have over three years of experience working with children, using art and creativity to teach Spanish and French. Working with kids has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. The interaction between learning and teaching through self-expression is an exciting, effective way to introduce new knowledge.”


Ana Maria has completed 15 online tutoring sessions in the last two weeks. She tutors students in French or Spanish.

watch a lesson here!

Christine L – Mandarin

“I began my career as an Elementary School Head Teacher in Singapore. My teaching journey lasted six years prior to relocating to NYC. Besides teaching English, Math and Science, I was also responsible for nurturing and inculcating in my students confidence and values such as compassion, integrity, humility and perseverance. “

Christine L has also taught reading, math, and art and holds a degree in Chemistry.

Michael R – Math

“I find I can reconnect to my child self and remember what it was like- How I liked being spoken to, things I didn’t understand, things that scared me etc… With that outlook I love connecting with kids on a human level.”


Michael teachers Math Games at Ramaz School to Pre-K & K students.

Deidre B – Math

“Children are so true and such a burst of fresh air. I learned so much about children this past year teaching my 10 kids in my preschool class.”

Deidre combines a degree in both Exercise Science & Mathematics and a background in theatre performance to create a unique tutoring experience.

Nytia J – Early Elementary Learning

“I previously worked for a private children’s enrichment center for kids aged 2 to 14. I have tutored kids in ELA, Math, Science, Common Core, Gifted & Talent, test prep and was a substitute preschool teacher.”

In addition to her teaching background, Nytia holds a degree in Health Promotion & Science.

Reilly H – Reading & Writing

“My favorite playwright says, “When children make believe, it reminds me of the primary human hope that identity might in fact be fluid, and, if an identity is fluid, we might actually be connected, in Whitman’s sense.” Their voices are beautiful, their imaginations are incredible, and I love sharing with them how worthy and wonderful they are.”

Reilly has taught in NYC, Chicago, Denver and the Czech Republic.

Rebecca G – Reading & Writing

“Kids understand how to balance taking things seriously and being silly! As a performer, I love how spontaneous and creative they can be. Because kids are so observant, they remind me to be my best self.”

Rebecca has tutored children in elementary subjects all the way through high school students in college essay writing.

John P – Elementary Learning

“There are very few things in my life that are more gratifying and enriching than being a part of a child’s growth. Whether it’s been teaching, tutoring or coaching debate, working with my kids has always given me joy and a sense of clarity.”

John has taught at Poly Prep Country Day School, is currently a teacher at Dalton and continues to be one of Curated Care’s most active tutors.

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