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How to keep kids connected during social distancing

We all know the adage “it takes a village” – for you and for your minis. While you have the ability to tap into social media, a group text chain and zoom happy hours with friends & fam, it can be trickier to keep kids connected during social distancing.

Consider scheduling a Facetime or Zoom call with their classmates.

It may feel like non-stop screen time these days, but the value of staying in contact with friends helps maintain a sense of community for your kiddo. It also allows them a chance to practice social skills with people outside of their family.

TIP: To make this experience feel a smidge more analog and a bit less virtual, chat with your kiddo’s friends parents to coordinate a task or general focus for the call (i.e. “today we are going to facetime your friend ___ and we will show each other one toy for each color of the rainbow. Can you gather a green, blue, yellow, red, purple and orange toy?”)


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Bring on the snail mail!

This seems obvious and has crossed most parents minds, but if you haven’t taken a second to bust out the envelopes and stamps, trust us it’s worth it. A huge part of maintaining your and your kiddo’s sanity during this time isn’t just finding ways to connect, it’s finding things to look forward to. The naturally slower pace of writing or drawing a letter or picture, mailing it and then waiting for a response creates a deeper appreciation for the communication and opening a letter is infinitely more exciting and tactile than opening an email or text.

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Book a virtual session with a fav sitter

Hiring a previous favorite sitter to hang out with your kiddo via Facetime, Zoom, Skype or GChat for general fun and activities affords your mini a chance to stay connected with folks in their circle and guarantees some much needed undivided attention. A host of CuratedCare.Com‘s Kid Experts are offering virtual sessions with added enrichment components to make the most of your kiddo’s downtime.

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Connect with new artists & teachers for memorable experiences

We may be in the middle of a perpetual Ground Hog Day but it’s important to keep kid’s brains active by offering fun, engaging and NEW experiences. Kid Expert Jenny H offers virtual puppet shows & workshops (and an adorable, mailed to your door DIY puppet making kits!) Kid Experts Nick J and Susan O are offering virtual music sessions. Kid Expert Federico M is offering up Harry Potter classes for wizards & muggles and Kid Expert Noam S is offering kids beat boxing (no seriously) and cooking 101!

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Looking for more ways to keep kids connected during social distancing? Check out our Summer Friends Club available June 15th.