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Our most booked virtual lessons!

Curated Care’s virtual lessons and online tutoring options are keeping kids engaged and on track during all things lock down and social distancing. Keep your family and kiddo sane by inviting interaction, socialization and fun into your daily routine while keeping cozy and safe at home. See what your fellow fams are booking below!



Anise H’s Dancing Storytime!

dancing story time

Dancing Story Time : A dance-based Story Time to spark imagination and creativity! Anise & Londale are artists that specialize in using dancing & comedy for theatrical arts! Together you’ll “go” on a story together & end each session with bubbles & a freeze dance. No dance experience necessary!

Also available: Musical Theater/Rap Songwriting

$30 for 30 minutes

Message Anise H to book story time or songwriting!


Josephine S’s Yoga Class!

kids yoga

Just back from starring in the National Tour of Finding Neverland Actor/Singer/Yoga Teacher Josephine is teaching virtual VOICE and YOGA.  Voice sessions include an intro to music and lots of fun games to find the joy of learning to sing!  Kids can work on their favorite tunes while learning about breath and some basics of reading music. Yoga is available for just the kiddos or the whole family to get some exercise through lots of animal poses!  It is a chance for kids to get some wiggles out and then find some settled energy all while being introduced to practices in Yoga of gentleness with ourselves and others and practicing gratitude!

$35 for 30 minutes/ $45 for 50 minutes

Message Josephine to book Yoga!


Liliana W’s Dance Class!

virtual dancde class

Let’s Dance! With a background in a variety of dance styles as well as musical theatre, Liliana provides a tailor made dance class for your kiddo based on age, level, and interests! Upon booking request, be sure to indicate your kids’ favorite artists/musicals so she can create a dance class they’ll love! A perfect opportunity to stay active and creative while social distancing. Ages 6+

$25 for 30 minutes

Message Liliana W to book dance!

Federico M’s Harry Potter Fan Club!

harry potter virtual class

Coupling together his theatrical background with a genuine love of Harry Potter, Federico M is bringing his Harry Potter Class, offered in person at several private schools throughout NYC, to your adorable muggles virtually! Your kiddo will enjoy playing “Sorting hat”, completing a Transfiguration test, solving Tom Riddle’s Diary, creating a Polyjuice potion and writing some HP fan fiction together!

$25 for 30 minutes

Message Federico to schedule Harry Potter!

Noam S’s Baking Class!

virtual cooking class for kids

Actor, writer, rapper, yogi and baker Noam S brings his joyful kiddo whispering skills into each baking session. Pulling from ingredients you have in your pantry and customizing sessions based on what you and your kiddos love (and what’s easy and convenient for your crew to put together!) these one-on-one sessions go with your kiddo’s flow and allow even the tiniest baker to be successful and have fun.

$25 for 30 minutes

Message Noam to schedule a baking session!

Talia F’s Spanish Intro Class!

 online spanish lessons

Using games, stories, imaginative play and more, Talia F creates joyful, virtual lessons that is customized to your kiddo and helps them explore the basics of Spanish in a fun and interactive way. These classes are fun for beginner to intermediate Spanish speakers and help your little explore the language while expanding their creativity!

$25 for 30 minutes/ $40 for 60 minutes

Message Talia to schedule Spanish!

Christine L’s Mandarin Class!

online mandarin lessons

As a native speaker and experienced early education teacher, Christine L provides a warm and engaging virtual experience for beginners to tiny pros. Using stories, games, organic interaction and more, Christine offers a chance for your kiddo to shine and engage while practicing critical language skills.

$25 for 30 minutes

$40 for one hour

Message Christine to schedule Mandarin lessons!

Jordan D’s Guitar Sing-a-long!

guitar singalong

Jordan D incorporates kid classics and cool, modern hits to lead your kiddo through an epic sing-a-long. Kids can help suggest songs to add to the playlist, create some dance moves while Jordan plays or create a custom song with Jordan to stretch some budding songwriting skills!

$50 for 45 minutes

Message Jordan to book a sing-a-long!

Princess Joy’s Birthday Package!

virtual online birthday parties

Book an adorable virtual Princess visit for your kiddo’s special day!

Princess Joy is ready to bring royalty, nobility, and magic to your little’s big day!
This custom birthday experience includes a story time, sing-a-long.

Choose between a visit with Cinderella, Rapunzel, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & the Beast and more!

$40 for a 20 minute birthday package

Message Joy to book your virtual princess visit!

Emily K’s Customized Fun! (dance, drawing and baking)

virtual online sessions

Emily K pulls from a variety of artistic and creative skill sets to create a virtual session based on your kiddo’s favorite activities! Whether you have a mini baker, artist, dancer or explorer on your hands, Emily will create a custom session and guide your little through a series of activities to keep their brains humming and heart full!

$25 for 30 minutes

Message Emily K to book a custom creative session!

Luke B’s Chess Lessons!

remote online chess lessons

Chess master, theatrical pro and Kid Expert Luke B incorporates a creative, artistic aspect to his chess teachings in order to engage and inspire the youngest of players. Whether you are seeking someone warm and inviting to introduce your mini to chess or a skilled player to spar with your budding Bobby Fisher, Luke B is your guy!

$50 for one hour

Message Luke to book chess lessons!

Virtual Art with Allie O!

virtual art lessons

Choose from a host of epic options! Allie offers one-on-one, virtual sessions to engage & inspire your kiddo. This provides a chance for true interaction (and allows Allie to go with your kiddo’s flow if your wee one decides they want to do something totally unique and different mid-session!) Allie can customize each session to fit whatever materials your crew has at the ready to make this art lesson easy and accessible for all!

$20 for 30 minutes

$40 for an hour


Message Allie to book an art session!


Wishing you and yours endless fun, creativity and inspo – IRL and virtually! Looking for more? Check out our online tutors, fun indoor activities to get your kiddo moving, or an adorable indoor camping activity for a rainy day!


Team CC