Booking In Person For the School Year

School plans are coming into focus and families are navigating and planning for a mix of in person and remote learning. Our goal at Curated Care is providing a helpful, awesome resource for parents, kids and Kid Experts and it feels like an even more important task as we embark on this new school year. To help make planning for this school year feel doable versus daunting we’re sharing information about what your fellow fams are booking and how they are approaching in person sessions while mitigating risk for their crew.

What Families are Booking:

  • A recurring Kid Expert (babysitting teacher or artist) for a consistent, robust schedule (20-30 hours per week) to work exclusively with their family for all babysitting, remote learning, homework & classwork needs. Also some much needed interaction & engagement needs. This ensures your kiddo is truly engaged and cared for while also having an educationally experienced kid pro facilitate remote learning.
  • A recurring Kid Expert for a part-time schedule (15-20 hours per week) to work with their family for afterschool pick up, afterschool babysitting and homework help.
  • A weekly outdoor class with a Kid Expert, ranging from sports to stem to general play, for their own kiddo, siblings or a few friends on their quaran-team. Many families are taking advantage of outdoor space while the weather remains lovely during the Fall.

How Families are Booking:

  • Families take a second to determine what covid-related search criteria is important to them. For example, do you prefer someone who lives close enough to your crew that they can skip public transportation or are you comfy with someone taking the subway using distancing, a mask and hand sanitizer? Do you want to connect with someone who can exclusively work with your family and no others or are you comfy if they work with another family or two who are also taking covid precautions?
  • Families then search through “Find Kid Experts” to browse profiles and identify some folks who meet some of the criteria they’ve established and have the vibe & skill set that best suits their families. As they find possible fits, they use the “add to team” button so they can easily find them, message them or book them.
  • Families head to the message center on the platform to copy/paste a message to Kid Experts to share a bit about their family and kiddos, the neighborhood they are based in and what type of schedule they are seeking to put feelers out.
  • Once they start a dialogue over the site and find a possible fit, fams and Kid Experts schedule a phone call or video chat.
  • If all systems go, families input their recurring booking requests over the platform (you can schedule up to 3 months worth of recurring sessions in one booking) All bookings and payments go through the site for a simple, secure experience and on-g0ing customer support.

A easy, breezy option:

Post a $10 Job Listing to our entire community of Kid Experts

*Email us with your scheduling needs. We’ll post a job listing to our community of Kid Experts to expedite your search. From there we’ll send you a handful of curated profiles of Kid Experts interested and available for your request to connect with!

All bookings and payments go through the site for a simple experience.
Enjoy security and on-going customer support throughout the year.

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