How to celebrate Halloween this year!

Halloween is an epically fun holiday for kids and adults alike. With no gifts and no massive meals, it’s low-key and easy. With the addition of costumes and candy, it’s just straight up fun. The idea of all things Covid putting a damper on a much-needed escape from reality this Fall was too scary to bear, so we’re here sharing tips and tricks for taking your trick or treating to the next level, in a pandemic-proof way. Here’s a few ideas for how to celebrate Halloween this year, coronavirus be damned:

Get some mileage out of your costume:

For families in New York City, Halloween usually means a month’s worth of parties and Fall festivals where your kiddo can display their Halloween duds. With the pandemic all but guaranteeing less in person events, invite your kiddo to rock their costume at home. The week before Halloween invite your fam to celebrate 7 days of Halloween! Each evening your kiddo gets to wear their costume to dinner and gets to pick one piece of candy for their dessert. On the actual day of Halloween (a Saturday this year – wahoo!) invite your mini to wear their costume for the whole day.

Movie Marathon:

Pop the popcorn because we’ve got a ton of classic Halloween movies to cue up for your crew. Whether you want to hand select a few or make your way down the entire list, Rotten Tomatoes has compiled 36 essential Halloween movies for kids to help guide your crew’s search for seasonal viewing options. Whether a Halloween movie is a weekend treat this October or a more regular staple in your daily schedule this Fall, seasonal movies are a fun and easy way to feel festive! Pro Tip: turn movie watching into remote learning by accompanying the movie with a project: have kiddos practice writing the name of the movie to keep a tally, create a simple art/drawing prompt based on the movie, etc.

Halloween-themed projects:

This time of year is rife with inspiration for arts and crafts! A simple google search can reveal a ton of easy, awesome options for Halloween themed projects, many drawing from materials you already have at home! The most classic Halloween-themed project of course is pumpkin carving. If you need a few tips and a little inspo, check out Kid Expert and resident pumpkin carver Katheryne P’s blog post and 2 minute clip on carving. Another staple of Halloween is slime! Whether you are looking to make yours from scratch or you want a little help with our pre-prepped and packaged Halloween slime kits, this ooey gooey stuff is fun year round, but especially perfect for All-Hallow’s Eve.

Trick or Treat Hunt!:

If you are abstaining from traditional door-to-door trick or treating, bring the treats inside with an egg-hunt style experience! Hide candy in nooks and crannies throughout your home. Invite your little to don their costume and bust out the trick or treat bag. For older kiddos you can give them a time limit so they are going for speed. For mini monsters, simply let them explore until they find every last piece.

Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt!:

Similar to our egg hunt but a bit more involved, create a trick or treat scavenger hunt using clues and one jackpot of treats at the end. Print ours below to make things easy. Cut the clues, hide them in the corresponding spots and leave candy at the end!

Curated Care Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt

Every family and neighborhood is different. Classic trick or treating is not off the table, though it should be carefully thought about it. The CDC has helpful advice on celebrating Halloween this year. When in doubt, defer to the experts!

Now go and get (safely) spooky!

Xo, CuratedCare.Com