Moms are not okay – it’s time to take action

As women, mothers, and female business owners, we know personally the toll this pandemic has had on our kids, ourselves, our business, and mothers as a whole. We have seen the stats on overwhelming job loss among women and understand its lasting impact on our daughters’ future. Our mental health has been taxed and for many mothers, disproportionately so in communities of color, food scarcity and homelessness have brought painful hardships.

If 2020 had anything positive to offer, it was a powerful lesson in not sitting back and doing nothing. As female founders and mothers to 4 young children, we want to take action to help all mothers and women. March marks the one year anniversary of when our world as we knew it shut down. It is also women’s history month. It seems like a fitting month to help, in our own small way, to alleviate some of the burden our fellow moms are bearing. Peek below to see what we are doing, what a few of our awesome partners are doing and how you can participate.

Xo, Erin & Marlene




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