Creating Impact as a Community

As women, mothers, and female business owners, we know personally the toll this pandemic has had on our kids, ourselves, our business, and mothers as a whole. March marks the one year anniversary of when our world as we knew it shut down. It is also women’s history month. It seems like a fitting month to help, in our own small way, to alleviate some of the burden our fellow moms are bearing.

We’re teaming up with some awesome organizations who have gifted resources to help mamas in every community! Take a peek at what’s available to your crew!

Playgarden Prep is giving access to its preschool program online, with 1,000s of video-based lessons, 100s of hands-on worksheets and daily Live Classes on Zoom, all with our Playgarden Prep teachers and individualized for your child. When you join us with the promotional code MOMS123 we will also send to your home a Playgarden Prep backpack with worksheets and other educational materials. Get started at http://playgardenonline.com/

Families use code: MOMS123


Fit Pregnancy Club delivers fitness and education specifically designed for moms and moms-to-be.
We believe that workouts for pregnant women and new moms should not be modified, but made for you. We also believe that learning everything there is to know about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood should not be a full-time job. Our workouts are built to keep you safe, while strengthening your body for the work ahead. Our educational workshops are designed for efficiency, getting you the information you need to know in the shortest amount of time possible.
Whether you’re pregnant with your first or fourth, preparing for labor, recovering from a C-section, or somewhere else along your motherhood journey, the bottom line is, we get it.
Families use code: FPCxCuratedcare
Curatedcare.com connects families with artists, teachers and tutors for babysitting and at-home enrichment. Curated Care Kid Experts are artists & teachers who incorporate their skills into babysitting and private lessons. From Broadway actors to Juilliard dancers, STEM teachers to Montessorians, Kid Experts are talented professionals, epic sitters and inspiring humans you’ll be delighted to have engage with your child. Find, message, book and pay vetted providers for all your child care & enrichment needs on one modern platform.

A big shout out and thank you to our sponsors at