From Epic Birthdays to End-of-Year Celebrations, it’s Time to Party!

Spring has sprung, vaccines are on the rise and the urge to celebrate is in the air! From birthday parties to boy scout reunions, Curated Care has been on a tour de force of facilitating adorable outdoor party packages for every theme and occasion! Take a peek below to see what fams are booking and get some tips & inspo for your kiddo’s big day (whatever you may be celebrating!)

Every day is a special occasion

While our most requested occasion for party packages remains birthdays, we’ve seen a slew of new requests pop up as people take advantage of warmer weather to celebrate upcoming, unique occasions or belated events. Many families are booking outdoor party packages to create graduation ceremonies and get togethers for their minis. The end of any year is a great accomplishment but this year in particular is cause for celebration. We’ve also had requests to help families celebrate the end of enrichment class semesters (dance, martial arts, etc), truly adorable and random occasions (spring flings!) and get-togethers to celebrate before disbanding for summer break.

It’s all about the theme

Because our party packages are customizable (each party includes a similar 1.5 hour itinerary of games, activities & craft but the theme is completely unique to you and your kiddo’s preference) we get to enjoy the inside scoop on what’s all the rage on the playground these days. It’s no surprise that topping the theme list is…UNICORNS! Our unicorn theme is still the most requested party theme for 3 years in a row. Not fair behind in second place is…STAR WARS! Rainbows, fairies, LOL Dolls, Magic School Bus, Octonauts, Superheroes, Space & Astronauts, Frozen, Under the Sea, Pokemon and Ninja have all hit our theme list recently. If your kiddo loves it, we can create it.

Quick tips & tricks

This is our fifth year of creating custom party packages so our Kid Experts have stockpiled helpful tips and tricks throughout the years with regards to subtle things that make big differences. Take a peek below for some quick tips:

  • Music is key. Silence can be awkward so a handy blue tooth speaker with a fun playlist is crucial, particularly at the beginning of the party when kiddos and fams may slowly (and quietly 🙂 arrive.
  • Speaking of, it takes a good 15-20 minutes for all of your guests to arrive typically, but some will be exceptionally punctual. You want to wait to start group festivities until all kiddos have arrived but you don’t want your early bird guests left with nothing to do for the first 15 minutes. Plan an activity for this time. We always offer a themed craft for this portion (typically friendship bracelets which are 100% a hit with the widest range of ages).
  • When staffing a party, minimally a lead and an assist is key. The lead guides activities and becomes the kiddo pied piper. The assist does the invaluable job of kiddo wrangling so the party can flow without the one kiddo who had too much sugar derail the festivities 🙂
  • You need plan A…and B…and C, D and E. Having structure and time-blocked activities is super important, but building in flexibility is also important. You never know what activities each group of kiddos will respond to best. Some activities will fly by and others may last much longer than anticipated if kids want to keep at an activity. Your best bet is to plan for activities to fly by faster than anticipated so you have additional activities in your back pocket to keep kiddos engaged.
  • The birthday child is the star of the show but the birthday siblings are a close second. Typically birthday kiddos love having their siblings invited to participate in some way (i.e. “____’s big sister and brother are going to help us count to 5 and we’ll all yell one final “Happy Birthday ____!”), and for siblings 2 and over it’s important to them to feel special as well. And the only thing that warms a party family’s heart more than seeing their kiddo have an awesome party experience is seeing all of the kiddos have an awesome time celebrating the big day.

Looking for virtual party options? We’ve got those too! Also check out our unicorn craft blog to get some more party craft inspo based around our #1 requested theme!