See How Families are Booking Sitters

Booking a babysitter during the age of covid is, to put it lightly, tricky. Aside from safety precautions, the landscape for sitters has changed. Curated Care focuses on connecting specifically artists, teachers and tutors with families for child care needs. In a pre-covid era, our “Kid Experts” were able to scoop up consistent after school pick up schedules (by far the most in-demand session type for NYC parents) and combine it with morning auditions or teaching schedules. Having to pivot to achieve income during covid through a combination of remote and additional in-person jobs, most sitters, our Kid Experts included, don’t have open afternoons to take on consistent schedules.

Our families have found their solution.

Curated Care moms & dads work with a team of Kid Experts to cover their babysitting & enrichment needs.

Below are tips for working with a team of Kid Experts while navigating all things covid:

Type in vaxxed, vaccinated and/or boosted into your keyword search under Find Kid Experts”. This info will be surfaced either in their title or the first line of their bio. Add some fab folks to your team.

Input your scheduling needs and add multiple team members to the request:

Use the suggested Kid Experts section to add additional folks to your request who have likely availability for your sessions to cast a wider net:

Include a message in your request to share what you are seeking and to let Kid Experts know you are comfy working with a team and to encourage folks to scoop up the dates that work for them. Pro-tip: Want to ensure you exclusively book a vaccinated Kid Expert? Include a message in your booking request to note “vaxxed only”.

Both Families and Kid Experts want to work together as safely as possible, so communication is key. Plan to chat about preferences for covid protocol (vaccine status, mask preferences, testing, etc.)

“We work with 3 Kid Experts for a very regular 9:30-12:30 pm schedule for our 20 month old and it’s been successful. We send requests each weekend and our go-tos accept the bookings based on their availability. I have some flexibility as I’m working from home in the other room and I think allowing some flexibility to our Kid Experts has allowed us to basically get all the days we need covered pretty seamlessly – it’s just a mix of who hangs with our son the most in any given week”

NYC Dad Ryan M