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Meet Kid Expert Karlene G and her fluffy friend Teddy!

Karlene is a passionate Kid Expert who strives to encourage young minds to EXPLORE, CREATE, and IMAGINE through the arts. She teaches Dance Fusion at The Montessori Schools where she

10 Unicorn Crafts on Pinterest That We Love

What’s the biggest craze among 5 year olds? Unicorns!!! You can’t miss them. They’re everywhere–in stores (on shoes/ shirts/ headbands), on TV shows (My Little Pony), at birthday parties (as

Meet Puppet Master, Jenny H

Jenny is a professional puppeteer and teaching artist, who started her career over six years ago as an educator and performer in Italy and Hong Kong. Now based in NYC,

About the Vetting Process

Learn More About The Vetting Process When we started Curated Care, we knew we wanted an inspiring community of “Kid Experts”. We wanted them to have extraordinary skills and a

Meet Caroline S, a beloved Kid Expert!

Caroline is a university-trained singer, actor, and music teacher with a Bachelors in Music as well as a Masters in Acting! She currently teaches music through Disney performance classes with