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How to Find a Vetted Babysitter

Are you a first-time parent trying to figure out how to find a vetted babysitter? Or a family transitioning from a full-time nanny to a part-time babysitter now that your kids are in school? Finding a trusted, vetted babysitter is key to a parent’s peace of mind and quality of life. 


Post-covid, many parents have become experts at doing it all. We work full-time from home and still pick up our kids after school. We supervise a playdate while answering emails. We cook, watch the kids and tackle that call from work that popped up after 5pm. 


But just because we can do it all doesn’t mean we should do it all. Multitasking can bring on stress and a lack of focus. Plus, we all need down time to relax and recharge. This is where a vetted babysitter comes in. Imagine booking a trusted babysitter and enjoying a fun night out on the town with your partner or friends. Or booking a babysitter for 2-3 days after school and giving yourself quiet, focused time to work uninterrupted (oh the luxury!). 


So how do you find a vetted babysitter? Here are three options:


Babysitting Websites and Apps

Not all online websites and babysitting apps are the same. Some provide vetting and some do not. On websites like Care.com, Sittercity and Urbansitter, you pursue the babysitter’s profile to see what safety credentials the sitter has completed. In most cases, parents who want the added peace of mind of a vetted babysitter pay extra on these sites to have babysitters complete a background check.


On vetted babysitting apps like Curatedcare.com or Hellositter, providers are asked to complete a series of vetting steps before activating their babysitting profile. The vetting might include an interview or review, reference check, and/or background check. You can peruse a babysitter’s profile to see what vetting steps have been completed. There are no extra costs to parents for these verifications. Star ratings and public reviews from other families also help parents make informed decisions on who to book.


Nanny and Babysitting Agencies

Smaller, boutique nanny agencies usually do their own internal vetting as they are personally matching families with caregivers. They might request nannies and babysitters complete a job application, conduct an interview, submit references and complete a background check. Check with each individual babysitting agency about their vetting process. Some smaller nanny agencies might not have public babysitter profiles that families can browse for safety credentials and/or public reviews but feel free to ask the agency for these if you don’t see them readily available.


Your Own Personal Vetting

Of course, you can always perform your own vetting of caregivers. Let’s say you meet a potential babysitter through a friend referral. You can interview them, ask for references that you call or email, and pay for background checks through a third-party background check provider. Some families also ask babysitters for additional credentials like a proof of identity, Covid vaccine card, CPR certification, and/or Red Cross babysitting certification.


Each family has their own needs and preferences. Decide which of these options is best for you and then find a vetted babysitter that you love!