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HeyCurated is a kid-centered, experience-focused events and education company ready to bring epic fun to you and your minis! Whether you’re seeking premium after school programs for your kiddo’s school

Our most popular virtual sessions this month!

With school closed for the holiday and winter weather putting the kibosh on outdoor fun, families are on the hunt for easy options to add to their kiddo’s routine without

Our Most Booked Holiday Experiences!

We’re bringing the fun and festivities this holiday season! This time of year presents an opportunity for some much needed mirth & magic and we’re thrilled to share our most

Book a museum trip + a Kid Expert for your mini and beat the cold weather!

Cold weather and Covid aren’t a great combo. The Summer and Fall meant copious opportunities for park and playground trips and a variety of other outdoor options for your sitter

Inspired art in spite of Covid – a virtual theater workshop for your kiddo

Art provides an essential outlet to process our human condition. It’s become all the more necessary as we weather the crazy of 2020 and yet the very factors that have

How to find the right tutor for your unique kiddo

Life in the new normal has presented families with many new obstacles to overcome. Keeping your kiddo on track educationally is certainly one of them. After an abrupt switch to

How to celebrate Halloween this year!

Halloween is an epically fun holiday for kids and adults alike. With no gifts and no massive meals, it’s low-key and easy. With the addition of costumes and candy, it’s

See what fams are booking for back-to-school this Fall!

The air is crisp. The pencil box is stocked. The masks are ready and the zoom meetings are on a roll. It’s back-to-school in the new normal. For many parents,

5 Elements of Literacy: Approachable Ways to Teach your Kid to Read

The pandemic has proven challenging for a trillion reasons. For many parents, the fact that we are now (woefully unqualified) part-time educators is high on that list. The importance of

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