Holiday Gift Card Ideas for NYC & LA Moms & Dads!

The holiday season is in full swing! If you’re searching for great gift card options for a Mom or Dad friend or family member, we’re got a few tips & options below!

Food Delivery Gift Cards

Whether you’re seeking a gift card option for a brand new, oh-so tired Mom or Dad or seasoned parent, something to help with the endless meal planning & prep is huge! Consider gift cards to food delivery options (Uber Eats, Doordash, & Grub Hub for example) Taking the guilt out of ordering delivery and covering the cost is the ultimate gift to a busy parent.

Wine & Spirit Delivery Gift Cards

Even better – let’s send a bottle of bubbley their way! Wine & spirits delivery apps like Drizly are super convenient and have great, seasonal gift cards available. Whether the parent friend in your life is seeking a crispy glass of vino, a toasty bourbon or a hard to find aperitif, consider a gift card to help them secure their much needed bevy.

Amazon Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with the tried & true – the Amazon gift card. There’s an endless list of items needed in a family’s household and there’s no bigger, more convenient online marketplace than Amazon. It may seem like a basic gift card option, but it’s always appreciated and almost always used immediately.

Babysitting App Gift Cards

Last but certainly not least, parents need a help! Consider a gift card to a babysitting service or app. Curated Care offers adorable, holiday gift card options. Not only can you help the Mom or Dad gift recipient in your life cover the ever increasing cost of child care, the Curated Care online marketplace & app host pre-screened, vetted candidates who incorporate creative talents & experiences into babysitting time – so you help your gift recipient remove the stress of vetting a new babysitter and also ensure their kiddo’s time is filled with fun & memorable experiences!

Curated Care gift cards apply to all CC services in NYC & LA, make your recipient’s life a bit more awesome and can be used towards sessions and, for new families, their profile activation fee!

Recipients simply email hello@curatedcare.com to redeem their gift cards once purchased/delivered.

Cheers to a fabulous holiday season and finding the perfect gift for the Mom or Dad friend or family member in your life!