How to Introduce New Babysitters to Your Family

Set up new sitters quickly & easily so you can hit the ground running (to the gym, to the office, to the store – we’re giddy at the thought!)

It can feel daunting introducing new sitters to your crew – so much so it prohibits us from doing it. It can be easier than you think. Below are a few quick tips to ease and expedite the process:

  • Message a ton beforehand and over communicate with your new sitter. It’ll make you and them feel better. Text, facetime, get comfy before the initial babysitting booking.
  • If you want text updates throughout your babysitter’s time with your kiddo, go ahead and ask! Even better: want them to grab and share pics via text during their time with your kiddo? Louder for the people in the back: go ahead and ask! 🙂 Sitters are often super happy to oblige and it can make working with a variety of sitters more approachable, too.
  • Tons of families can get tripped up on the nuance of sitter preferences (Do we provide meals/food? Transportation? etc?) Families and sitters do a mix of everything so your best bet is to establish what works best for you and offer that information immediately when connecting to clearly communicate and ensure everything is fit from the start. Pro tip: since most families connect with sitters via sites/apps like Curated Care now, save a draft email or note on your phone where you can always copy/paste this information.

Here’s to carving out a little extra time in your day, a little extra focus in your brain, and a little extra “awesome” for your kiddos.