babysitting jobs in New York City

Babysitting Jobs in New York City

Are you an actor or dancer moving to New York City? Or a college student studying at Pace, NYU, Fordham or another great NYC school? You’re probably looking for supplementary income as you pursue your passion and/or studies. If so, you’ve probably thought about part-time babysitting and nannying. Landing babysitting jobs in New York City can mean flexibility, steady pay and work you love. So how do you find a babysitting job in the big apple? Here are four common ways:


Facebook Parent Groups

Believe it or not many sitters post their availability on online parent groups and many parents respond back. Pros: Quick access to families in need of childcare without having to go through a formal job process.  Cons: No vetting or job protection. Ultimately, this is a new person you are meeting with no references, reviews or verifications so do some recon.


Babysitting Agencies

There are small nanny agencies that match parents with babysitters in the city. Pros: You work with an employer who sends you job opportunities that match your schedule and preferred work location. Cons: Agencies typically set your hourly rate with families and take a big cut in order to cover their administrative costs.



Online marketplaces like Care.com and Urbansitter.com allow sitters to reach a large volume of parents. Pros: Babysitters have complete autonomy. They set their own rates, their own schedules, and choose what jobs to apply to.  Cons: No vetting or reviews of users. 

Vetted Marketplaces

Vetted marketplaces like Curatedcare.com enable babysitters to market their babysitting skills to a large volume of New York City families with the added security of peer reviews. Pros: Babysitters on Curated Care review families after each session and those reviews are public to other babysitters on the platform. Babysitters also set their own hourly rates and schedules. Cons: There is an investment of time (about 2-3 hours) to set up a public profile.


If you love the joy and creativity that goes along with working with kids then babysitting jobs in New York City could be the best side hustle as you pursue your dreams. Want to hear from other artists and teachers on CuratedCare.com making babysitting their perfect part-time gig? Check out these blog artists:


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