Curated Care Sign Language

Meet Sign Language Expert, Brook M

Brook is a college student majoring in Deaf Education and Special Education. This means she’s fluent in American Sign Language, which is helpful for any child (did you know babies can learn to sign before they even speak?). She’s also a major yogi who’s been practicing yoga for years! She works with families in the Hamptons during the summer, teaching kiddos ASL, yoga and more. Read on to learn more about Brook.


Hi Brook! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi everyone! I’m originally from Long Island and am currently a college student at the University of North Carolina, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Deaf Education/Special Education. I have been learning American Sign Language for seven years and I love bringing it into any experience I encounter with kids!


What is your background/ experience with kiddos?

I’ve worked a lot with kids because of my degree. I’ve been in a classroom setting doing math, a childcare setting playing with toy trucks, and I’ve worked with deaf children out in the community.


When you’re booked for a Curated Care session, what is your process in terms of preparation/items you bring?

I have a HUGE Mary Poppins bag that I always take to sessions! In it, I have plenty of cool activities for different ages, genders, and personality types. I usually like to learn about the family before the session so I can choose activities specific to what each child likes.


You are fluent in American Sign Language. Have you had the opportunity to incorporate your ASL background into your sessions?

YES! One of the greatest experiences I’ve had was living with a family who has a deaf child through Curated Care. It was a sneak peek into my future work and a learning experience for everyone. It’s interesting to go from a camp setting to a home setting and see different communication methods and interactions. Being with a family 24/7 is an amazing experience and, especially in this situation, allowed me to witness firsthand how communication through such a unique way impacts everyone.


Is there any information or resources that you want to share about ASL or Deaf Education? What can the general public do to support Deaf Education?

There are deaf schools all across the United States, and some use ASL, some use speech, and some are somewhere in between. Supporting deaf education means to support language and cultural differences. There is a whole Deaf community out there that you can get to know if you start learning ASL! Children WILL start signing before they start to talk if you are practicing around them consistently so it’s an amazing language and tool for any age! There are books, websites, and classes you can take to start learning today!


What do you think is the benefit in hiring a Kid Expert vs a traditional babysitter?

Kid Experts are sincerely passionate about what they do! We bring our own lifestyle and creativeness into each session but also keep it individualized so each child has an experience that’s right for them. 


What are you most looking forward to in the future?

I cannot wait until I have a classroom of my own! Ultimately I see myself at a deaf elementary school creating a bond with each and every child and seeing them grow and succeed.


Looking for a sign language instructor in the Hamptons? Look no further! Check out Brook’s profile and then book her for a session this summer.