Book After School Pick Up in NYC & LA!

Consistency on Curated Care means booking a trusted, go-to team of Kid Experts for your recurring needs!

If you’re on the hunt for help with after school pick-up for your minis, you came to the right spot. Connect with vetted, awesome providers, easily schedule and pay through the site or app, and enjoy on-going customer service for one-off needs and general support.

While the CC platform & app gives you all the tools you need to find message & book Kid Experts yourself, we offer to do the leg work for you with CC Concierge. With Concierge Service, for $25, we gather your information regarding schedule, kiddos and needs, then post the information on your behalf to the Community Feed, as well as an internal email to active Kid Experts. If any Kid Experts reach out with interest, we’ll send you the profiles of interested KEs so you can connect directly via site & app. This service does not guarantee that you’ll find a match through CC, but it takes care of the leg work of putting feelers out yourself. Email hello@curatedcare.com to take advantage of concierge service & expedite your search!

Since the vast majority of Kid Experts are freelancers and gig-workers, the best time to start orchestrating your after school go-to Kid Experts is mid-summer (mid-late July). Until then: build your team, book some test sessions (hello date nights!), and enter the school year with your familiar favorites on your team roster!


Getting Started:


  • Head to the “Find Kid Experts” page.  Browse through profiles and identify some folks who have the vibe & skill set that best suits your fam. As you find fits, use the “add to team” button so you can easily find them, message them or book them.


  • Next head to the message center to copy/paste a short blurb to Kid Experts to share a bit about your family and kiddos, the neighborhood you are based in and what type of schedule you are seeking. If you download the app, you can also post to the Community Feed to post your need to the entire Kid Expert community to put feelers out!


  • Once you start a dialogue over the site, fams and Kid Experts often schedule a phone call, video chat, or a short session to meet and discuss finer details.


There are no monthly or yearly membership fees on CC, rather a 4.5% or $4.50 minimum service fee on your invoices to cover online payment, continued access to the platform and the Kid Expert community, and on-going customer support. Please note fams using an Amex will see a 4.7% or $4.75 minimum service fee.

Booking on Curated Care means you have on-going support, secure record of all bookings and payments, privacy and exclusivity when sending booking requests and access to the best & brightest sitters for your family. Your bookings provide opportunities for your kiddo to be inspired by artists & teachers and opportunities for artists & teachers to supplement their creative careers while sharing their skills & passions. It’s a win-win!


“Prior to using Curated Care’s services, I either had to rely on references from friends or other parents in the neighborhood or go through very expensive placement services” explains New York City mama, Nan Sue, “Curated Care was beyond amazing and helpful when I needed a sitter for the entire school year. We got a sitter who my children love! Curated Care is hands down the best service available to parents in Manhattan right now.”