What is Curated Care?

CuratedCare.Com: A modern, trusted (awesome) platform where you can find, message, book and pay a one-off or recurring sitter, teacher or tutor (i.e. “Kid Expert”)



Who you can book:

Kid Experts are vetted artists, teachers & tutors who incorporate their skills into babysitting, at-home lessons, tutoring sessions and more. From Broadway actors to Juilliard dancers, STEM teachers to Montessorians, Kid Experts are talented professionals, epic sitters and inspiring humans you’ll be delighted to have engage with your child.


What you can book:

Kid Experts are available for one-off and recurring babysitting needs (from date nights, a one-off morning, weekends, an afternoon to daily after school pick up, pod teaching, remote learning help)

Kid Experts are available for one-off and recurring tutoring needs as well as private lessons (piano, guitar, dance, chess, Spanish, Mandarin, art, soccer, STEM, and more)


How you can book:

Scroll through individual profiles to hand select your Kid Expert team.

Message securely & request to book one day or a recurring schedule.

Pay through the site after your session is complete.


What it costs:

One time $45 membership fee to activate your fam account and access full Kid Expert profiles, online messaging, booking and payment! 4% or $4 minimum service fee on all bookings for safe, secure, cashless payment and continued access to your community of Kid Experts.

Onward to CuratedCare.Com !