Find After School Pick-Ups in NYC & LA for 2024!

Book your trusted team of Kid Experts on Curated Care for your consistent child care needs!

If you’re hunting for a helper with after school pick-ups, you came to the right spot. Here’s all you need to know to get the back to school ball rolling!

While the CC platform & app gives you all the tools you need to find message & book Kid Experts yourself, we offer to do the leg work for you with CC Concierge. With Concierge Service, for $25, we gather your information regarding schedule, kiddos and needs, then post the information on your behalf to the Community Feed, as well as an internal email to active Kid Experts. If any Kid Experts reach out with interest, we’ll send you the profiles of interested KEs so you can connect directly via site & app. This service does not guarantee that you’ll find a match through CC, but it takes care of the leg work of putting feelers out yourself. Email hello@curatedcare.com to take advantage of concierge service & expedite your search!

Get Started:


  • The majority of Kid Experts are freelancers so the best time to devise your after school plans is mid to late July when everyone’s schedule is set for the fall. Til then: build your team, book some test sessions to get to know folks (hello date nights!), and enter the school year with your familiar favorites on your team roster!

Your Search Tools:

  • Head to “Messages” and send a short blurb to your team about the schedule you’re seeking! Remember to reiterate where you’re located, which days and hours you’re seeking, and which kiddos it is needed for.


  • If you haven’t already, download the Curated Care app to access the Community Feed! Here you can post your blurb to the entire CC Kid Expert community, and any interested candidates can reach out to you directly. You can also scroll to see if Kid Experts have posted seeking a gig like yours!

  • Browsing through all these amazing Kid Expert profiles can get overwhelming, so we’ve made it easier to search for folks with availability for a recurring schedule. To find a Kid Expert for a regular schedule now, head to “Find Kid Experts” and type in “summeravail” to surface Kid Experts interested in a regular schedule this summer. For fall, search “afterschoolavail” to find Kid Experts interested in a consistent fall pick-up schedule!

Pro hint: If you are early to the party and search “afterschoolavail” options now and don’t get many results yet, keep checking back in as Kid Expert profiles will be updated for the fall as they confirm their availability.

Lock in Your Bookings:

  • Let’s say you chatted with a few Kid Experts after using your search tools, had some interviews, and found your perfect crew for the fall. When you’re all ready to go, input your recurring booking requests on the platform.

  • Once your Kid Experts confirms the requests, you’re set to go for a great year!

A Few Facts:

There are no monthly or yearly membership fees on CC, rather a 4.5% or $4.50 minimum service fee on your invoices to cover online payment, continued access to the platform and the Kid Expert community, and on-going customer support. Please note fams using an Amex will see a 4.7% or $4.75 minimum service fee.

Booking on Curated Care means you have on-going support, secure record of all bookings and payments, privacy and exclusivity when sending booking requests and access to the best & brightest sitters for your family. Your bookings provide opportunities for your kiddo to be inspired by artists & teachers and opportunities for artists & teachers to supplement their creative careers while sharing their skills & passions. It’s a win-win!


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