Set up your home for remote learning (and avoid going nuts this Fall)

Whether you are planning on 100% virtual for your kiddo this Fall or a hybrid of virtual & in-person, now’s the time to set up your home for remote learning. Tiny tweaks can make a huge difference in your child’s ability to focus on and enjoy virtual learning (and help you regain a bit of your schedule & sanity).

  1. Designate a space that is exclusively used to do remote learning:

    Kids are contextual. You dance in a dance studio, run around on a playground, and learn in a classroom. Even if your space is small (we’re looking at you NYC fams) it’s worth getting creative and trying to create a space for remote learning, even in an unconventional spot. Designate a specific area, whether it’s a table and chair or a corner in the room. Create a routine for where the computer or tablet is set up and where school materials (paper, pens, pencils, work books) are stored.

  2. Create a comfy spot to sit:

    A comfortable seat and the ability to maintain proper posture makes a huge difference in a child’s ability to concentrate and focus. The seat should have a comfortable “tush” and back portion. If the seat is more appropriate for grown-up bodies, consider placing a pillow behind your child’s back. This will help them sit upright easily. An uncomfortable seat is incredibly taxing on a little one’s body and depletes their energy and focus quickly.

  3. Establish a daily schedule:

    Young kids can’t tell time, so a predictable routine helps them feel comfortable and safe. Once you have your school’s remote learning schedule, use it as the foundation for your kiddos’ full day schedule. Invite your mini to help create the schedule with you so they feel empowered and inclined to stick with it. Creating repeatable daily events, even tiny ones, can anchor your whole family in sanity. Maybe every morning you take a walk around the block and write a new letter of the alphabet on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. Maybe at 1 pm every day you do 10 minutes of free play with your kiddo (things like these make a big difference for a busy family where kids are perpetually trying to get your attention. If they know they are guaranteed your attention at certain points during the day, even for a few minutes, it helps pacify the need to continually seek it all day).

  4. Turn your daily schedule into a hands-on project:

    Working together on a visual representation of your schedule is the best, most joyful way for your child to learn it and eventually adapt it. Using poster board, foam board, construction paper (whatever you’ve got!) document your schedule. If you have the artistic chops draw visuals together to represent each section. For older kiddos, have them help write it. You can hang this schedule anywhere that works for your crew, though it’s a great addition to your designated remote learning area specifically.

  5. Figure out and discuss the ground rules now before you start your remote learning.

    Does your kiddo need to be dressed and ready for their zoom calls or are pajamas okay? Are snacks allowed during virtual learning or only before and after sessions? Is the expectation for kiddos to stay seated for their lesson and only get up for an emergency, like a bathroom break? Putting some thought into this now and chatting with your child gives them the opportunity to meet expectations. A new normal means new rules and kiddos need your guidance right off the bat navigating them.

So charge those tablets, bust out the back-to-school supplies and pour yourself a gigantic glass of wine! Fall is coming – you got this! Looking for additional help this Fall? Head to curatedcare.com or check out this blog post on how fams are booking for the Fall!